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fotofieldtripga's Journal

Photography Field Trip Georgia
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This is a community for any photographer in the North Georgia area.
This is a community for any photographer in the North Georgia area.

I decided to start this community to see what kind of interest there was on LJ to gather forces and take a field trip with other photographers to sites around Georgia. These can consist of half day trips, full day trips, or (if there's interest) full weekend getaways.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I thought we could gather some thoughts and vote on the trips as the opportunities come along. We visit, take a ton of pictures, and you can feel free to post those pictures here in the community.

This IS a moderated membership community. I, oberonia, am your moderator for now unless someone much more talented and "in the know" steps up. Hey, I'm here to learn too.


1. If you're posting photos, please use the lj-cut. One photo above the cut is ok, but if you have 10 photos, at least 9 should be behind the cut. Also, if the photo is larger than 500X500 pixels, put it behind said cut.

2. Be kind. We like polite folks here. Critique is always welcome, but I like to follow the general rule of: Say what you like. Say what you don't like. Make a suggestion on how to improve it.

3. Speak up! Don't be afraid of us and don't be afraid to show your work. The community won't JUST be for the photos from the trip, but for any photographer in our midst that would just like to share.

4. I ask that you don't bombard the group with 800 posts in a row. At the very least, try not to post more than three times in one day. (Not that it will be an issue here in the beginnning.)